The New RAM 1500 – Eats Utes for Breakfast

The New RAM 1500 – Eats Utes for Breakfast

RAM has proven that trucks can embrace both functionality and style. This eye-catching RAM 1500 truck series turns heads on the roads with its glossy, well-finished exterior and durable interior.

The RAM 1500 also comes with a humongous cargo tub that holds virtually anything. This top-of-the-line range of vehicles is sure to catch your attention. We introduce you to two from the group – the RAM Express and the RAM Lamarie.

RAM 1500 Express

The RAM Express is a truck that is fit for both work and play. Let this astounding vehicle wow you. We give you a breakdown of its features and explain why you should buy it.


The RAM Express cruises down highways with the help of a dynamic V8 Hemi Engine. It is, by far, the best engine in its class. It delivers 291 KW of power and 556km of torque. Of course, it has an unmistakable V8 rumble that makes your presence known immediately.

The RAM is also one of the best tow trucks in its class. It has a maximum braked towing capacity of 4.5 tonnes. When it comes to towing, this vehicle is virtually unchallenged. Moreover, it has a 121L fuel capacity.

This stylish truck has an interior features a five-seater quad cab covered with durable cloth. The U-Connect 3 five-inch touchscreen allows a driver to navigate controls quickly.

The exterior comes in an array of colours. This truck is safe; it has cab-length sidesteps that ensure that you will not fall out of the cargo tub. Also, fog lamps provide high visibility.


If you’re looking for a functional vehicle that shouts style, the RAM 1500 is for you. This truck oozes charm. A three-seater bench seat allows your children to ride next to you. It’s spacious; there’s room on its floor for your dog. You can take it along on road trips.

If you’re afraid of not having enough storage space, don’t be. A drawer on the dashboard, flanked by two cubbies, provides storage capacity. Bins mounted at the back of the vehicle add to this. You will find them on the door panels as well. They are enough to keep you organised.

Are you worried that there isn’t enough space for everyone in your truck? The sizeable flip-down centre console offers extra seating. There is room enough for the whole family to ride with you.

Powerful gears and throttle-take up make the Express easy to drive.
Also, cylinder deactivation happens early, and often. Lightning spread and saturation are above average, enabling it to cruise down tough roads. Despite all this, the RAM 1500 saves on fuel. You’ll leave a small carbon footprint behind.

Driving can be exhausting, but the RAM 1500 Express lessens your fatigue. Lightweight power steering and a comfortable driving position mean that you can cruise along open roads without worry. Besides, steering stiffens when you drive at highway speeds. The truck locks into place so that you will drive safely.


There are some complaints that the RAM 1500 Express has dated steering elements, but the truck’s power makes up for it. The fuel mileage is 14.5L/100 km, which is a little high.

RAM 1500 Lamarie

The RAM 1500 Lamarie is a truck fit for a king. Since it features the same spacious cabin that you’ll find in the RAM 2500, you won’t have to fear running out of space. Aside from this, it has a host of features that allow you to drive.


The cabin is a five-seater with luxury leather-trim. If the weather concerns you, you can heat up or ventilate the seats. This truck also features ventilated, heated steering.

Are you going on a long road trip, but are afraid to lose touch with your family? The U-Connect 8.4-inch touchscreen enables you to use your social networks. View your activity on all of them with the help of a multi-view cluster.

Long drives can be tedious, but you can listen to your favourite downloaded music via Apple Car Play. The Alpine sound system, with ten speakers, guarantees an unforgettable listening experience.

The Lamarie’s 20-inch chrome-clad wheels are both classy and durable. Also, you won’t have to worry about falling out of the 5.7-inch tub because there are wheel-to-wheel side steps for you to use.

Like its 1500 cousins, the Lamarie features 4.5-tonne braked towing. It can haul loads of up to 800 kg. The 98L fuel tank capacity keeps the truck on the road for a long time.


Thie RAM 1500 truck boasts more power than before. RAM has augmented its Hemi V8 engine with an electric motor that provides extra oomph. As a result, it packs more punch than its predecessor, the Lamarie 4 x 4.

For a start, it’s faster. It needs only 6.1 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 kph, while the 4 x 4 needs 7 seconds. Also, it laps a Figure 8 at 28.6 seconds at an average of 0.6g, while the 4 x 4 does so in 29.1 seconds at 0.5 g.

Furthermore, the steering system is accurate. You can parallel park and move the Lamarie up hills without effort.

The interior of the Lamarie is quieter than its predecessor’s. You’ll note that RAM has replaced the plastics with soft leather.


The one complaint that you may have about the Lamarie is its fuel mileage. The Hemi V8 is thirsty; you’ll have to stop by gas stations often on your road trips.

In all, a RAM 1500 truck vehicle will help you move loads with ease and style.

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