Environmental Policy

PAR Leasing Environmental Policy: PAR Leasing is in the final stages of finalising its environmental policy which will be incorporated into each operating lease it conducts with clients. Once finalised details will be updated on our website.

Alan Mance Group Initiatives

Packaging recycling: The Alan Mance Group of Companies segregates and recycles all its paper and cardboard through Visyboard, which recycles it into paper and more cardboard products.

Used Oil: All Alan Mance Group waste oil is recycled through an appropriate licensed contractor who blends it into fuel oil or it is used as fuel to burn medical waste products.

Tyres: All our old tyres are recycled back through the manufactures where they are shredded and made into new tyres or adapted for alternative uses such as playground mats.

Service: We used to use plastic seat covers for mechanics when a vehicle came in for service, we now have changed to each mechanic having two cloth seats covers which a cleaned weekly.

We also have the old oil filters squashed to expel the oil out of the oil filter, which can contain up to .5 Lt of oil. The oil is then recycled and the oil filter used as landfill. The Alan Mance Group is currently pursuing options for the oil filter to be recycled. The Alan Mance Group also uses and sells packets of rags, which are made from recycled cloths. After we use the rags they are recycled back through the supplier.

All cleaning products are accredited to be environmentally friendly. No washing of vehicles is done on the yard reducing the risk of detergents entering the storm water system, all washing of vehicles is done in our purpose built car wash facility which has a triple interceptor waste management system in it which separates oil, heavy waste, detergent and other pollutants which are removed and recycled.

Parts: Damaged or old stock is recycled through a contractor who recycles it into new parts.

Vehicles: Holden is always striving to improve fuel economy and reduce Co2 emissions.

Vehicle orders: Alan Mance Motors and PAR leasing encourage staff and customers to use less paper by:

  • Customers emailing their orders to us
  • Prospecting vary the Internet and email
  • Using recycled paper for mail outs and advertising material

The Alan Mance Motors Group is continually trying to improve the environment by reducing, re-cycling and reusing all of its day-to-day needs. We believe over the past two years of reductions we have saved 10% off our electricity bill, waste management, paper products and purchasing of garden trees and shrubs.

Alan Mance also have grown and planted over 400 trees in the last two years, which are now used around their new sites at Melton, Bacchus Marsh and Footscray. The planting of these trees was a directive from PAR Leasing to plant one tree for each vehicle it leased. We currently have around 5000 trees being grown.

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