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Environmental Pro – Action ParticipationTo offset co2 emissions  PAR Leasing is in the process of finalising a carbon offset program. Our fleet reporting systems provide data on individual vehicles carbon offsets.

Vehicle Procurement: No one is better equipped to source and supply a vehicle at the best price than PAR Leasing with its direct affiliation within the dealership network.  With PAR Leasing being part of the Alan Mance Group of Companies we have a direct link to a number of manufacturers.Vehicles are sourced not only from within our group of dealerships, but also from our extensive network of local and interstate dealerships where consistent competitive pricing and service is obtained.

Vehicle Disposal: Best prices are sought utilizing our own direct network of wholesalers and dealerships, ensuring more competitive monthly rentals are passed on to our clients.

Excess Kilometre Buffer: At PAR Leasing, we offer a “true” excess kilometer buffer. PAR will not charge your company any excess kilometers, unless the kilometers exceed our 5,000klm buffer. In no instance will we charge back from the original kilometer term.

For eg:
Lease: 24months, 40,000klms (original term) + 5000klm buffer
End of lease: Vehicle is returned reflecting 47,000klms.
Your company will be billed for 2000 excess kilometers only, (not 7000).

Fair Wear and Tear Buffer: PAR Leasing adheres to industry standards as regards Fair Wear and Tear  on vehicles returned off lease. We apply a very competitive buffer of at least $500.00 to each vehicle.

Free modifications to leases – unlimited amount: Leases can be modified to reflect actual usage as many times as required – free of charge.

Customer Service: The one differentiator between PAR Leasing and other leasing companies is that: The person who sells the product also manages the product / client. We do not hand our new clients over to a team after initial implementation. At PAR, the sales person, is also the account/fleet manager. This person is your day to day contact and even delivers each vehicle. Again, PAR takes great pride in providing excellent customer service.

Early Return Policy: At PAR Leasing we value our client relationships.When a vehicle needs to be returned before the end of the agreed term, PAR will attempt to reduce the early return fee as much as we can. We will adjust the figures to determine the actual usage of the vehicle and take into account all unused maintenance, the current value of the vehicle and work out a way to reduce associated fees. It is in our interest to help your company minimize costs.

Fleet Management / On-line reporting: PAR Leasing can, in addition, provide a range of fleet management services. Our direct and extensive experience gained within the dealership arena, ensures we can provide a unique service in areas such as: maintenance and on line management reporting.

Competitive Rates/ Management Fees: PAR Leasing offers highly competitive rates in terms of product pricing and financing rates.

Fuel Card: PAR Leasing can provide either a Shell or a BP fuel card with each lease. Fuel costs are recharged monthly or incorporated into the lease.

Ongoing assistance from experienced fleet consultants: Our skilled staff will constantly monitor and advise you on how to efficiently and effectively manage your fleet, whilst adhering to your specific requirements. Our dealer association and established relationships with manufacturers, ensures a constant source of expertise, which is immediately accessible should the need arise.

Customized Packages: We will provide you with advice on the most cost-efficient way to manage your fleet and design a product or service, which is tailored to meet your company’s specific requirements. Our extensive range of fleet management services, which range from advice on selection and assistance with vehicle acquisition, finance and disposal, to maintenance management and all related administration, may be adapted to suit the individual needs of every client.

Short Term Rentals: Short-term rentals can be provided in a range of different vehicles at competitive prices.

Management of repair and maintenance costs: Hands on experience and access to an extensive range of expertise, at both the manufacturer and dealership level, ensure maintenance costs and down time of vehicles will be reduced to a minimum.

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