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With more than two decades providing corporate, small business and government fleet leasing services, Alan Mance Motors’ Fleet Services Division, PAR Leasing has the experience and expertise to meet any leasing need, from individual to big business.

Our close association with the dealership environment gives us an advantage in vehicle procurement, disposal and excellent support on maintenance issues, allowing us to provide tailor made solutions to corporate and government fleets. We also assist our customers with a variety of financial services.

Our account managers’ leasing expertise and superior product knowledge ensure we know our business inside-out.

Vehicles represent a significant investment in any business, and as such deserve careful consideration and assessment of the available options. Making decisions in today’s fleet market is more difficult than ever before, with a wide range of vehicle and finance options to access and evaluate.

PAR Leasing has the history, size, expertise, services and vehicles to provide you with prompt, professional fleet consultation covering every aspect of your needs.

We also offer:
  • Insurance: Comprehensive car insurance.
  • Fuel Cards (Shell and BP), giving you a better deal on fuel.
  • Full maintenance, tyres, registration and motor club membership included in rental.
  • Telematic tracking and reporting.
  • Pool Car Management.

At PAR Leasing we are very flexible. Because we remain relatively small, our staff are readily accessible and you never talk to a call centre. We deliver the vehicles ourselves to ensure they are in good condition, and we are very competitive on cost.

Talk to one of our experienced account managers to discover the best leasing option for you.

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