PAR Leasing

Novated Lease

Novated leasing allows employees to access vehicles of their choice via a salary packaging arrangement, providing benefits to both the employee and the employer.

Operating Lease

Do you need to provide vehicles for your employees to undertake there role within your business? Then an operating lease would benefit your business. What Is An Operating Lease?

Short Term Lease

Owning a car is not a viable option for a lessee who travels abroad for a short duration, as he will have limited use for it. He may consider leasing a vehicle for a short term. Short-term leases have practical features and benefits.

Finanace Lease

Sometimes looking to buy a new car can be a challenge, not only what kind of car do I need, but also can I afford it. Owning your dream car means having to jump over many financial hurdles and can leave you confused and unsure of what is best for you.


PAR Leasing is a boutique car leasing and fleet management company based in Melbourne, Australia. With more than two decades providing corporate, small business and government fleet leasing services, Alan Mance Motors’ Fleet Services Division, PAR Leasing has the experience and expertise to meet any leasing need, from individual to big business.

At PAR Leasing we are very flexible. Because we remain relatively small, our staff are readily accessible and you never talk to a call centre. We deliver the vehicles ourselves to ensure they are in good condition, and we are very competitive on cost. Talk to one of our experienced account managers to discover the best leasing option for you.

PAR Leasing are your partners in performance with more than 20 years experience serving Australian individuals and big business. So what are you waiting for? Get your FREE no-obligation quote now!



IndividualSmall-Medium BusinessCorporate

Fully Maintained Novated Lease

A single payment per pay cycle covers your car finance repayments, as well as fuel, maintenance, insurance and registration. Your employer pays the agreed, fully maintained Lease cost directly to FleetPlus partly with your pre-tax income.

Non Maintained Novated Lease

Finance just the cost of your vehicle from your pre-tax dollars. Your employer pays the fixed vehicle Lease cost directly to FleetPlus from your pre-tax income every pay day while you continue to pay for your fuel and maintenance out of your own pocket using your after tax pay.

Salary Packaging

Save thousands of dollars by using your pre-tax income to purchase technology, insurances, and so much more. By effectively reducing your overall taxable income, you may even end up with more cash in your pocket.

Operating Lease

Improve your cashflow, with no deposit required and the ability to claim the expense and running costs of your vehicles. We will even manage all registration, servicing, fuel and consolidated reporting for you.

Finance Lease

Acquire the vehicles you need and get them on the road immediately with fixed monthly repayments. A set residual value is payable on a Finance Lease at the end of the term.

Bespoke Solutions

We understand that no two businesses are the same and we can provide you with a range of innovative and proactive solutions to work with you, your fleet and your team. Learn more about our tailored and bespoke solutions.

Fleet Management

Customise our flexible, affordable and scalable solutions to deliver results, add value, and achieve the best performance from the vehicle assets you have under management. Draw on our decades of industry experience and take advantage of our latest tools and technology.


Finance new or used vehicles, with affordable fixed monthly tax deductible repayments for the term of the Lease. Your organisation gets the vehicles it needs right away, while building equity in the vehicles to give you a choice of end of Lease options.

Salary Packaging

Your valued employees can package pre-tax vehicles and a variety of work related equipment and costs such as techonology, parking and insurance.


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