Operating Lease

Operating Lease: An Overview

Do you need to provide vehicles for your employees to undertake there role within your business? Then an operating lease would benefit your business

What Is An Operating Lease?

Simply explained, an operating lease is an agreement between PAR Leasing and your business, where we provide you use of a vehicle of your choice. PAR Leasing assess the vehicle servicing requirements based on the usage that you plan, and we then recommend the suitable type of finance and lease that would best benefit your business. The vehicle is provided to your business over a set term and usage.

Under a lease agreement the vehicle is the property of PAR Leasing during the lease. Dependent of the type of lease you have entered into you may just return the car at the end of the term.

PAR Leasing takes care of all the administration. You will have access to detailed fleet reporting that can assist you with budgeting and managing the costs associated with your business and to look for areas of improvement / savings.

With an Operating Lease, you have use of the financed asset (the vehicle), but PAR Leasing bears the risks and rewards of the ownership and disposal of the asset.

Fully Maintained Operating Leases

A fully maintained operating lease with PAR Leasing will remove the administrative burden of owning and running your car fleet because we take care of everything for you. Allowing you to focus on your business.

By also being able to renew your fleet more frequently will enhance your organisations image and assist in keeping your employees in the safest vehicles where possible.

What is included in an Operating Lease?

The cost of an operating lease include:

1. All on road costs – Operating Leases take into account the purchasing costs of the vehicles. These include initial registration fees, the value of the car, and stamp duty.

2. Servicing and Maintenance – All vehicles need regular servicing and maintenance. The Operating Lease includes all scheduled maintenance and is at no additional cost to your business.

3. Tyres – Replacement tyres are covered under the operating lease, and the number is based on your planned usage.

4. Fuel Cards – PAR Leasing can provide you with fuel cards for your vehicle, and provide you with discounts where possible. Fuel charges are included in your monthly invoice.

5. Lease Reporting – PAR Leasing are able to provide you with consolidated reporting on your fleet vehicles, that can assist your business with managing costs and evaluating usage of your fleet.

6. 24 Hour Roadside Assistance – An operating lease with PAR Leasing gives you access to vehicle assistance at any time of the day. You will not have to worry about being stuck.

7. Vehicle Purchase and Sourcing – An operating lease includes the cost of the sourcing and purchase of the vehicle.

8. Vehicle Disposal – Disposal is taken care of by PAR Leasing, and may have no financial burden on you.

Remember that you will not own the vehicle and you carry no risk on the finance. Operating leases are fuss-free, they simplify car fleet management and allow you to focus more on your business, and gives you access to the latest and safest vehicle models. The vehicle remains the property of PAR Leasing during the term.

You return the car back to us when the lease ends. We update you with a new vehicle and keep your business moving.

PAR Leasing can provide you with any make or model of vehicle available within Australia, and can include any additional options or modifications that your business requires for your vehicles.

Why Set Up An Operating Lease?

  • Capital funds have no connection with assets
  • Fixed monthly rental means you can budget more accurately
  • Tax advantages because rentals are tax deductible
  • Reduction in administrative costs for your fleet
  • One monthly invoice
  • No financial pay out at the end of the lease term
  • No risk of vehicle depreciation
  • Structure the lease based on your business requirements
  • You have control of costs and your fleet

Why choose an Operating Lease with PAR Leasing

With over 30 years of experience in the vehicle financing industry we know the processes involved and can offer this experience and knowledge to you and your business.

Our consultants and account managers offer you a service that is tailored and personal to your business, and we work with you on delivering value to your business through these relationships.

Moreover, our leases are fixed and offer no hidden or unknown costs to you and your business.

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