What Is Novated Lease?

Are you after that dream car? You’ll soon have one in your garage with the help of a novated lease from Par Leasing.

A Novated Lease – How It Works

  • A novated lease makes it easy for employees to own the car they have always wanted, without a six-figure salary. Par Leasing Novated Leases are money savers. Employees get lots of tax discounts and save on running expenses.
  • It is a win-win car financing solution for employers and employees. Employees lease a car from Par Leasing, while their employers make payments under the agreement. The employer covers these costs using salary deductions from the employees pay.
  • It’s a headache to run and finance a car. A Par Leasing novated lease allows you to bundle these costs.
  • Par Leasing has new and used cars available for lease. Our goal is to make car ownership affordable, so we have lease terms that suit every budget.
  • All you have to do is choose your car. Par Leasing arranges the financing and paperwork. We also coordinate the delivery of your vehicle.

Getting A Novated Lease with Par Leasing

When it comes to negotiation, Par Leasing is at the top of its game. We use our ability to make good bargains to get the best car deals for you.

Are you tired of pushy sales representatives? With the help of Par Leasing, they will not annoy you any longer. We arrange test drives with reliable car dealers and make annoying sales pitches a thing of the past.

Par leasing coordinates your salary deductions.

Par Leasing manage your vehicle’s operating and financing costs.

Are you worried about the after-care of your car? Is the thought of insurance giving you a headache? Par Leasing is a one-stop centre for all your servicing needs.

Our ATO-approved novated leases lower your taxable income. We arrange salary packages that will give you peace of mind.

Types of Novated Leases

Novated leases ease a driver’s financial burden. They make sure that you’ll have enough to pay for your car each month.

Par Leasing offers two types of novated leases:

1. Fully Maintained Novated Leases

  • Under a Fully Maintained Novated Lease, a set amount of your wages will go to the upkeep and lease of your car. It pays for Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) as well.
  • Par Leasing will check the amount paid regularly. You’ll have to top up your account if your vehicle costs more to upkeep than expected.

2. Non-Maintained Novated Leases

  • If you take a Non-Maintained Novated Lease, a part of your salary, each pay cycle, will go to the payment of the lease. It also goes to payable FBT. However, you pay for service and maintenance costs yourself.

You are eligible to apply for a novated lease if your company offers the program, and you meet the eligibility set out by your employer.

If you are eligible make the move to save money today and contact Par Leasing to arrange an obligation free quote and salary package estimate for you.

Par Leasing always recommend that before entering into any financial arrangement such as a novated lease that the employee seeks independent financial advice and that they understand what the obligations are, so that they can make a fully informed decision.

Novated Lease

Novated Lease

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