Fleet Management Services

Running a successful business means having to fulfil clients’ needs on a daily basis. That’s why you’d need a reliable fleet of cars, and equally dependable employees to drive them.

We take away the hassle of managing your car fleet. You’ll need our fleet management services if your employees are always on the move.

What is Fleet Management?

A car fleet refers to groups of motor vehicles owned by businesses, government agencies or organisations. Examples of these include vehicles owned by taxicab or bus companies.

Businesses may purchase vehicles to deliver goods or run errands for their customers. Their sales representatives may need these vehicles for travel purposes.

In some countries, fleet vehicles may refer to private cars owned by employees, who purchased them with novated leases or salary packages. Companies usually refer to them as their ‘grey fleet.’

A fleet manager can track these vehicles and monitor their operational readiness via fleet management software.

How Par Leasing’s Fleet Management Services will benefit you

1. Less Fuel and Maintenance

Maintaining a car fleet allows you to keep fuel costs low. A vehicle fleet serves as a dashboard that lets you monitor them at once.

2. Operational and maintenance visibility

Having a reliable third party like Par Leasing look after your fleet will enable you to understand your operational strengths first hand. You will be able to make changes to them at once.
You can also replace worn parts when necessary.

3. Safety

We will be able to keep your vehicles safer than you can. A poorly maintained fleet may endanger your employees. We fit your cars with protective safety alerts.

4. Better reporting

Your fleet must perform optimally. An in-house fleet manager may be too hassled to provide all the details you need. However, we will be able to track and capture information about your fleet.

5. Long vehicle lifespans

Our fleet management system will notify users when their vehicles are not functioning optimally. It includes mileage and other performance indicators. Regular servicing ensures their durability.

6. Customer satisfaction

A car fleet increases efficiency. Your employees will be able to run errands or deliver goods to companies quickly. Also, a fleet management system includes GPS tracking, which allows them to estimate arrival times.

7. Driver satisfaction

Drivers, too, will feel satisfied knowing that they have completed their tasks efficiently. Fleet management solutions enhance their work experiences and keep them focused on their jobs.

8. Eliminates fraud

Fleet management software eliminates the need for time sheets, which employees can manipulate easily. The software does the work and removes discrepancies. It verifies driver accountability.

Why Choose Par Leasing?

With over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, Par Leasing is prepared to deal with complicated automotive problems. Our mechanics use genuine vehicle parts to maintain your fleet.

Our up-to-date fleet management software will diagnose problems with your vehicles straight away. You will not need to wait for days for a mechanic to attend to them.

We provide affordable fleet management services. Finding less expensive motoring solutions is difficult.

Our Fleet Management Services

Our range of fleet services includes:

  • Fully administered maintenance programs
  • Fuel management
  • Accident management
  • Roadside assistance
  • Insurance programs
  • Fleet management technology
  • Consulting services
  • Safety management training
  • Telematics and GPS tracking
  • Title and license services
  • Personal Use Reporting

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