Cerato Sedan: Luxury in a Family Car

Cerato Sedan: Luxury in a Family Car

Car enthusiasts have given attention to the Sportage, Sorento, and other Kia models, but it’s the Cerato Sedan that has become Australia’s mainstay.

Kia is a fast-expanding company has multiplied its sales over the years, but those for the Cerato have tripled. And it’s not difficult to understand why.


The Cerato Sedan is remarkable value for money. Its state-of-the-art features will make it worth every penny you pay. Do your parking skills need sharpening? You can still drive the Cerato Sedan if they do. Kia has armed this sturdy vehicle with rear parking sensors and a reversing camera to ensure that you’ll never bump into kerbs when you park. Drivers who straddle between lanes are some of the most annoying, but you won’t have to be one of them. What you’ll probably enjoy the most is the sizeable 8.0-inch touch-screen display, which allows you to access your Apple Car Play Smart Phone easily.

It doubles as an infotainment centre. You can use your social media channels while driving. You will enjoy the car’s innovative and attractive welcome system. Its side view mirrors and door handles illuminate when you arrive. Will this be your family vehicle? You’ll appreciate the memory settings. The Cerato remembers driver’s seat positions, so all you’ll need to do is to tap on the one that you set previously. Other family members who use the vehicle can commit theirs to memory as well. This car is for today’s driver.

Kia has fitted it with updated Bluetooth settings so that you can interact with controls wirelessly. Cruise control enables you to drive at comfortable speeds. This car has an automatic 6-power gear system lets the driver feel in control of the vehicle. You’ll enjoy the car’s different driving modes. Take it as fast as you want to go. You’ll love how fast the car starts. Just push a button, and it revs up at once. The steering wheel is leather-wrapped, which makes for comfortable driving. It’s perfect for the sweaty-palmed driver.

This car boasts interior and exterior quality. The padded chrome dashboard is a definite plus. The soft chrome features give it a touch of class. The Cerato’s efficient media storage system allows you to play your favourite music. Just download your song lists form your thumb drive. A big boon is that you can control the climate within the car. The Dual Zone Climate Control system makes this possible. Air vents allow you to breathe clean air throughout your drive. And this cruiser is powerful. It has a 1.6L 16V DOHC MPI engine which keeps in on the road for extended periods. Checking on its systems is a breeze with the Digital Display Panel. You can customise everything from your steering wheel. The Cerato is 5-Star safety rated. Electronic Stability Control allows for smooth, accident-free drive.


Kia designed this sedan precisely, with the driver in mind. You can customise everything in it for a smooth ride. Also, Kia has priced it competitively; you’ll find luxury and functionality packed within it. It may not be inexpensive, but is value for your money. Of course, its attractive features are difficult to resist.


You may find that the power in the 1.6L engine varies. The variation could happen when you switch gears. For attractively priced, high-tech vehicle luxury, drive the Cerato Sedan.


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