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Why Should Employees Get A Novated Lease With Par Leasing?

You probably already understand why employees should get a Novated Lease with Par Leasing but here’s more:

  • Lease Rentals are deductible from the employee’s Gross Salary. Before PAYE Tax and Medicare Levy. This flexibility results in a higher net salary.
  • The lease rental takes into account servicing, tyre management, fuel costs, registration, and insurance (optional). They are part of the salary package and payable by the employer on behalf of the employee using salary deductions.
  • Employees can choose a vehicle that suits their needs. They may keep their cars even if they change jobs. You have near unlimited purchasing power.
  • Upon the termination of an employee’s services, the employee may make a new novated lease arrangement with their next employer.

What Par Leasing Offers

Vehicle Management Services

With years of experience in vehicle management and financing, you will not go wrong if you set up a novated lease with PAR Leasing.

Do you need transport for your business? We have cars available for your workers. Our leases remove your responsibility for the car fleet you pick and with flexibility of lease options that suit your requirements.

The Cars We Offer

Par Leasing aims to promote a culture that embodies reliability and efficiency, As such, we have fleets of reliable cars for your company and its employees to lease.

We have on hand a stellar fleet of vehicles and a range of financing packages available to suit the needs of your employees via the Alan Mance Motors Group.

  • Visit our showrooms and find new and used Mitsubishi cars. With our comprehensive financial packages, your dream Mitsubishi car is within your grasp.
  • We offer novated leases that will benefit both you and your employees.
  • Alan Mance Holden has been providing and servicing Holden vehicles for about 38 years. We back their quality with extensive warranties.
  • Our company makes owning a reliable car possible for every employee.
  • We have a long-standing relationship with our Nissan dealer in Melton, Victoria. That allows us to have a range of well-maintained new and used Nissan vehicles to lease. Our novated leases, insurance, and other financing packages will enable you to put that dream Nissan in your garage.
  • Par Leasing has a host of compact Suzuki vehicles available for lease. We offer a range of financial services, including novated leasing, corporate lending, and consumer lending, which will allow you to grace the roads in a new Suzuki.
  • Par Leasing has beautiful HSVs available. With these HSV vehicles come novated leases and a range of financing options.
  • Are you looking to park an LDV in your driveway? Par Leasing makes it possible. With our novated leasing, insurance, and servicing packages, you’ll soon have one that you can park proudly in your home.
  • Do you need a truck that can haul provisions and materials? Our RAM trucks will help you do so efficiently and with ease. Our finance consultants will help you set up a novated lease that will cover its cost.
Getting a novated lease with Par Leasing

A novated lease with Par Leasing means security. You will not have to worry about hidden costs as we are a transparent, reliable provider breaks all of them down for you. Our knowledgeable, friendly consultants will guide you every step of the way.

Get A Quote

Do you have burning questions about vehicle financing and novated leases? Contact our Par Leasing consultants now to assist you.

Get in touch with our financial consultants, who will give you a free quote on our novated lease and other car financing schemes.

Novated Lease

Novated Lease

Novated leasing allows employees to access vehicles of their choice via a salary packaging arrangement, providing benefits to both the employee and the employer. Novated Leasing is a tri-party agreement between, PAR Leasing, an employer, and their...
Novated Lease Benefits

Novated Lease Benefits

Providing work cars for employees is not always possible and could cost your business a small fortune. Offering novated leasing as a staff benefit is way that you can include cars as an option for your employees. A novated lease benefits both employers...
What Is Novated Lease?

What Is Novated Lease?

Are you after that dream car? You'll soon have one in your garage with the help of a novated lease from Par Leasing. A Novated Lease - How It Works A novated lease makes it easy for employees to own the car they have always wanted, without a...